Unlikely Devotionals – Every Day Things in my Life Which I Found Brought me Closer to the Gods

I’m not skipping the promised second half of the coming out article – I just don’t want to make such a mess of it like I did with the first one, so here comes D 1 More or less every Pagan person I know is suffering from the dichotomy of Continue Reading →

Coming Out of the Broom Closet – We deserve not to hide!

Disclaimer first: This article is sort of an answer to Onlyonyx’s PBP contribution of last week and I may very well just paraphrase Onyx’s statement (judging from this quote: „But to get there requires everyone’s contribution“). Additional disclaimer second: Kathleen Rusher over at the Broom Closet ( 😉 ) has Continue Reading →

Baubo or the Power of Laughter

You might have encountered Baubo while doing research about the Eleusinian Mysteries. Or you might have seen pictures of funny little statuettes of a headless woman with her face on her belly, displaying a tiny little smile. Βαυβώ means womb. She is the one who cheered Demeter up after Persephone Continue Reading →

How to make a Book of Shadows – Compilation of Resources

Are you one of those Witches who want a pretty Book of Shadows, but never found one that fit your idea of pretty (or couldn’t afford buying it)? Then this little overview is for you! Traditionally, I make a handbound book, which would make a decent Book of Shadows, but Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Judging from the weather around here, the Great Mother herself is celebrating with us, so I will be outside as much as possible today, and perhaps work a bit more on our flower herb bed, preparing the soil for the moment it will stay warm enough Continue Reading →

Gifts to Gaia – Small Things to Heal the Earth

Inspired by this beautiful article about welcoming Spring by one of the great minds of contemporary Wicca, Vivianne Crowley, I thought I could write a few words about lessening the negative impact of our worship to the earth. There are many ways to do this, some are easy, some are Continue Reading →

Sweeping the Spiders out of the Broom Closet – Die Spinnen aus der Besenkammer kehren?

Disclaimer: This article will be bi-lingual to make it easier for my German-speaking readers. Dieser Artikel ist zweisprachig, um es meinen deutschen Lesern leichter zu machen Here it is again, the big b question. Although it is not Gretchen asking „How is’t with thy religion, pray?“, but the world, I Continue Reading →

Fitting it all together without sticking out – How to Altar your Computer

Perhaps you know that awkward situation when you see your co-worker (for example, insert co-traveller or other person as needed) merrily express their religion on their desk with an ex-voto or a Bible for some spiritual reading during lunch break. In many companies you wouldn’t be well advised to do Continue Reading →

Documents of Wiccan History 1 – Janet and Stewart Farrrar answer questions

When I wrote the apostles article a few weeks ago, I started to do a bit of research into the earlier times of the Craft and just wanted to share some of my findings. The following video, in which Janet and Stewart Farrar answer to the questions of the audience, Continue Reading →

Finally they’re back!

There, have a look at the folder in my library. This is what I have been looking forward for quite a while now! Including the cute spelling errors 😉 Four years after the last strip in 2009, Shivian Montar Balaris’s Oh my Gods is finally back in a digital version! I Continue Reading →